Who Are We? This Page Updated August 16, 2000



William Gawchik

Has been involved in collecting commercial airline items since 1978.  Wrote a book on the identification of Junior wings in 1991 which is currently being updated. Hosts the annual Newark Airline Collectibles Show and Sale and attends numerous other shows around the country.

Specializes in the following areas of airline collectibles:

Junior pilot and stewardess wings / pins / badges / log books / unattended minor (UM) buttons.
Domestic airline ground crew uniform patches.
Domestic flight insignia (hat and cap devices) and just about any Pan American and Panagra items issued prior to 1980
(This includes items such as insignia, service pins, menus, patches, china, advertising items, early playing cards, postcards, stickers, labels, safety cards, and more.)

David Keller

Became interested in airlines and airliners in 1972, primarily as a result of living close to Lambert - St. Louis International Airport.  Began collecting timetables in early 1973, and now has an extensive collection of timetables for US carriers from the late 60's to the present.  Besides the timetable collection, has smaller accumulations of nearly every other type of airline collectible, including 35mm slides, postcards, kiddie wings, ticket jackets, playing cards and more.  Has a particular interest in Ozark Airlines, due to that carrier being based in St. Louis.

Hosts the annual St. Louis Airline Collectible Show and attends numerous other shows in the middle part of the country.  Attends the Airliners International Show each year, and has been at all but 3 of those shows since their inception in 1977.

Craig A. Morris

A dyed-in-the-wool collector, collected baseball cards and coins prior to "discovering" airline collectibles in 1987.  His initial interest was in TWA collectibles, as his father retired from TWA in 1981 after 36 years as a pilot with them, but he soon found his interests expanding well beyond just TWA.  Also hosts an airline collectible show in the San Francisco area and attends numerous other shows each year.

Bill Rosenbloom

Has been a life long collector and began participating in the airline collectible hobby in the early 1980ís.  He attends six to eight regional airline shows every year and has been at most of the Airliners International shows during the past ten years.

He specializes in paper collectibles with an emphasis on timetables and ticket counter displays.  He has particular interest in both past and present Minneapolis-based carriers, such as Northwest, Republic, and North Central Airlines.  Living in Minesota, he has all winter to stay inside and organize his collection.

When he is not a hobbyist, he is a commercial realtor and promoter of several antique/collectible shows in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area each year.

Richard R. (Dick) Wallin

Has been involved in the aviation collectibles hobby for about 15 years and has attended all of the Airliners International shows during that time, as well as most of the two dozen or so regional shows that are held each year.  Dick collects a little bit of everything, but specializes in airline dining service items, such as china, glassware and silverware, as well as airline-issue playing cards. In 1990, he authored a book entitled "Commercial Aviation Collectibles", which continues to be the only such volume that has been published.  He is still active in the railroad hobby, which he has enjoyed for about 35 years. After retiring from an accounting position with a power and light company about 7 years ago, he has found that the transportation collectibles keep him plenty busy.

Gone but not forgotten 1946-2000.  Our good friend who is sincerely missed!

Bob Bullers

Bob had been involved in airline collectibles since 1982.  Prior to that time he spent many years collecting railroad and steamship items.  His collecting passion was for kiddie wings of all types, and United Airlines was the airline of special interest to him.  Bob had a wide and varied collection of both kiddie wings and all types of United items.